Nanjing Ruize Fine Chemical Co., Ltd is a new high-tech company which produces γ-Butyrolactone,pharmaceutical and agricultural intermediate.It locates Fine Chemical Park of Nanjing,near Changjiang River,the transportation is convenient.The company is established in 1999,by cooperation with Nanjing University and Beijing Chemical institute.
  The company has developed derivative and intermediate of γ-Butyrolactone.Now it form to produce series products.The main products:γ-Butyrolactone,2-acetyl-gamma-butyrolactone,(N-Methyl-Pyrrolidone,α-Pyrrolidone,γ-Acetopropanol,2-Methyltetrahydrofuran,Povlyvinylprrolidone,Cyclopropyl Methyl Ketone,Dimethyl disculfide,Glyphosate(auxiliary agent)etc.  The products starting point is high, the craft is advanced,quality is excellent,The products have been sold to America and Europe,Japan,India,etc. The corporation has rich technical force,perfect production equipment, advanced detection means,established the system of quality assurance.We insist that high technology,high-quality products ot serve domestic and international users,hoping to cooperate with every domestic and international customer,pursuing to develop altogether.